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Skilled Litigators for New York Medical Malpractice Defense

Protecting healthcare practitioners from legal actions

Medical malpractice suits have the potential to ruin careers. Such cases are typically complex and present high exposure, so it is vital that those accused of medical malpractice have the most experienced defense attorneys possible. Since 1985, Belair & Evans LLP has handled numerous malpractice suits involving doctors, other healthcare professionals, and hospitals. The defense of such suits, through trial, is our forte. Our attorneys understand the importance of preserving a professional’s integrity, particularly when it is most in jeopardy.

Defeating lawsuits alleging surgical mistakes

Mistakes that occur during surgery often prompt litigation from patients who believe they have been harmed by a violation of the standard of care. Belair & Evans advocates for healthcare professionals accused of surgical negligence or misconduct involving:

  • Anesthesia dosage — Administering local or general anesthetic in the wrong amount or at the wrong time
  • Equipment problems — Failures of machinery or items such as sponges improperly left in the body
  • Incision and operation errors — Cuts that damage nerves or other body parts, or that are made in the incorrect place

No matter what the claim or potential damages might be, Belair & Evans has the knowledge and skill to provide the best chance for a favorable result.

Helping medical professionals confront claims relating to diagnostic errors

The attorneys of Belair & Evans understand the relevant standards of care pertaining to medical diagnoses. Many afflictions share symptoms, and even with the most sophisticated tests, it can take some time to pinpoint a patient’s actual condition. We strongly assert all available legal defenses associated with claims of nondiagnosis and misdiagnosis. For example, the failure to recognize a condition immediately is not proof of substandard treatment. Likewise, even when a diagnosis problem exists, the delay often has no harmful effect on the patient.

Knowledgeable counsel for cases involving birth injuries

Injuries and other problems that occur during childbirth sometimes cannot be avoided, even with flawless practice. When doctors and hospitals are accused of harming an infant or new mother, it takes a skilled, experienced defense attorney to overcome the emotional nature of such cases. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our attorneys understand how to make the strongest possible legal and factual case when malpractice during childbirth is alleged. By making sure that the focus is on the proper issues, we can guide you toward a fair resolution.

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Belair & Evans LLP serves insurance carriers, self-insured entities and healthcare corporations in all five boroughs, Long Island, Westchester and the surrounding counties. Our main office is located in the Wall Street area of New York City, with satellite offices in Bronxville, Westchester County, and in Mineola, Long Island. Call 646-586-8744 or contact us online to schedule a meeting.